Bunk Bed Heaven

For some reason, I have this dreamy vision of my boys sharing a room, more specifically a room with uh-dor-uh-ble bunk beds. Bryan smiles his side-smile at this silly notion. He doesn't understand why I am so stinkin' excited about Tanner and Ty sharing a room. Perhaps because in my idealistic mind, I want for my boys what I didn't experience~ a sibling to share a room with. Not that my younger brother didn't count, but that would have been odd. 

So, I'm blissfully intent on having my lil munchers share a room. And they will like it, dangit!

Sounds of laughter, and giggling, and tame wrestling will always be heard behind their door. They will constantly share and never argue. Okay, the latter part is not realistic... 

Check out some bunk bed ideas I'm loving...when is the right time for them to share a room anyway?

I'm obsessed with the built-into-the wall bunk bed look!

This is so creative~ it's a crib on top, and toddler bed on bottom! Love!

A couch that turns into a bunk bed~ a bit modern for me, but it's orange, so of course, I'm drawn to it.

Yes please!

Can you handle this? It reminds me of the homes in the Philippines. And yes, it's orange!

I realize it's for a girls room, but I love the layout, especially the storage underneath.

Again, we have two children, not four! So imagine half of this! Love the nautical vibe.

Not sure how safe this is, but it is fantastic!

...and I'm pretty sure, I want the words below framed in my boys future room!

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