Pogue Pictures

I love taking family pictures!

Probably because we don't have them taken very often!
And they hint at a new season {usually mid-November}
And it's an excuse to get new clothes for my boys, and, ahem, myself!
And, it means new pictures for all the frames my picture wall can hold!

In honor of Ty's First year, the holiday season, and the fact that it's been a YEAR since we last took family pictures, it was beyond time!

A long-time friend, Lindsay {like a sister}, recently started doing photography. The girl oozes creativity, has an amazing eye, and an even sweeter spirit. I love helping people get a jumpstart on their passions, and she agreed to take our family photos :)

There are no words. She did a fabulous job of capturing the four of us.

If any of you want a fabulous photographer who is reliable, reasonable, and just plain wonderful, check out Lindsay Reskey Photography ~ www.

Tanner with his first ever, saved-for toy!

He and his Bumblebee Transformer Robot are inseparable

I'm biased, but I just love this guy!

How fun is the brick wall background?

Sharing a sweet moment with my little men

What you usually don't see in people's christmas cards, or in frames, are the meltdown moments that occur in every photo session...

and the tired eyes...

But kissing pictures are a must!!

Do you know it's nearly impossible to get both kids looking at the camera at the same time? :) What do large families do?

Our boys look like they are being tortured! 
No mom and dad, no more pictures, guys!

So we do what any good parent does~ we throw 'em upside down!

Always guarantees some giggles!

For us too!

This is one of my faves!

Have you noticed that Ty's mouth is always open? :)

Brotherly love!

Ty at his finest!

Sweet T

Hope you enjoyed them as much as we do!

Thanks again, Linds!!


  1. ok, ohmahgosh... i can not even STAND how frickin CUTE these pictures are! miss you my friend, but love seeing how your family is growing, and your beautiful happy faces! big hugs!!! Lori

  2. We did enjoy! They are amazing! Love you!

  3. Darling Pictures! Beautiful family! Hope that you are all settled into your new home and church! Thinking about you! Love, Kim Williams

  4. thanks for the honor an privileged to get to capture your sweet family! Love you! xoxo

  5. You guys look great! Merry Christmas from NorCal.