Tanner and Batman

Tanner has been eying this Batman for quite some time.

And I mean, months.

Which for a 3 1/2 year old probably feels like a bajillion years!

We told him if he really wanted him, he could save his money and buy the Bat.

Every couple of weeks he'd take his piggy bank out and count his quarters, nickels, dimes and pennies
{change collected from grandpa's coin jar, our generous couch cushions, emptied jean pockets from the washing machine, and the Orange Circle Fountain {jk}}

And dollars from this jar.

Finally, he had enough money.
$9.99 and Batman would be his very own!

After a fun-packed dinner at Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour Restaurants {and I mean dancing on your seat, the best ice cream ever fun!!}

we made our way to the Irvine Spectrum to bring his friend home.

Tanner counting the money he brought in a Ziplock bag {Mimi will be proud}

He counted two $5 bills

and $.76

Then forked over his money in exchange for Batman!

Never has there been a more loved  Batman
{Ty, meanwhile is pointing at Elmo}

Welcome home Batman! 
You're in good hands!


  1. Oh my that kid so much!

  2. Love how you are teaching him about saving money, "waiting" for things you want rather than getting them immediately, and deciding what to spend your money on. You will be sooo glad you did this.