My Boutique Debut!

This past weekend THE INSPIRED WINDOW made it's debut at Lil' Lighthouse Preschool's 7th Annual Holiday Boutique.

Selling antique custom windows, I joined other creative vendors selling reclaimed wood signs, jewelry, and holiday gifts. Plus, I was outside next to the Kettle Corn booth where sweet and salty aromas mixed with Christmas music ~ making for one. happy. gal!

A crisp, chilly fall day brought waves of people getting a jump-start on their holiday shopping as they simultaneously supported the Preschool. I was especially grateful for the family and friends that stopped by to support me and my new-found business, their excitement spurring me on! A heartfelt thank you for those of you that showed love from near and far!

My INSPIRED WINDOW logo, a creative conception now a reality! 
Guess who designed it? That would be my uber-supportive hubby!

Here's a peek at what was going on at THE INSPIRED WINDOW BOUTIQUE...

A holiday window welcoming the cheery Christmas season ~ JOY to the world!

On a worn blue window, THE BEACH: It's where I belong 
A must-have for any beach-lover's home!

The most popular selling window, WISH

I love our newest creation, THE INSPIRED WINDOW Wall Calendar: Seeing Blessings in the Everyday
It's vintage window meets dry erase board! 
And the best part? You erase it at the end of the month and start fresh! It's the last calendar you'll every buy!
I'm happy to take custom orders if you'd like your family name, a bible verse, or inspiring quote at the top of your calendar.

A large space for Notes & Such leaves room for reminders, grocery lists, a love note to your hubby, and a place to jot whatever inspires you!

I'm forever in search of adorable gift tags. Recently I've taken to making my own. 
Here, I featured a gift tag tree. My favorite detail? The four spools of twine {black, cream, blue and red} strung on a cotton ribbon. Shoppers chose their gift tags and cut their own twine. 
Everyone loved it!

There were seven gift tag options. Here, you see OH HAPPY DAY
In addition, there was Merry Christmas, Joy, Sweet Baby, 
Baked with Love, Thank You, and Enjoy! 
I still have tags for purchase: a bag of 6 for $3.00, and yes, you can choose your own twine :)

In addition {what's one more thing, right?} I sold holiday and beachy pillows. 
I adore the black ones with the words fresh, pure, authentic, renew, simple 
scrawled across the pillow ~  a great reminder when relaxing on one's couch!

But my all-time favorite window features teal font with the beloved quote: 
And when I give thanks for all the seemingly microscopic, I make a place for God to grow within me. ~ Ann Voskamp

And thankful was what I felt at the end of the boutique day! Thankful! Yes, for selling windows and taking orders, but mostly thankful for the people that commented on how great it is that Bryan and I do this together. Yes, it's my dream, but it's our business. We are a team. He spurs me on in my creative pursuits and I support him as he leads the junior high ministry and pours into an amazing group of volunteers!

And the seemingly microscopic?
It was evident in...
The friend that walked to the boutique so I could hold her sweet Charley. Her neighbor that my heart connected with and later sat by at church.
Three generations of women that stopped by for hugs and encouragement.
My parents watching the boys so we could work the boutique!
Joyful tunes of Christmas music.
Smells of sliders and salt, kettle corn and scones!
Sister and mom-in-law love!
Scarf and boot weather.
Creativity swirling around in individual's personalities and giftings!

As I focus on giving thanks in these microscopic details, I see facets of God alive within. 

In a month of giving thanks for the seemingly microscopic, what are those moments for you?
Ponder those tiny details, let them turn your heart outward and upward.

Have an inspiring day!

You can head over to the INSPIRED WINDOW store here.
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