Sign obsession!

Sign obsession. I've got it. BAD!

It was when we packed for the move, that I first noticed it. Then at the mall, when I gravitated, no, was pulled by an imaginary force, to the one store, full of signs {and cute clothes}, but really cute signs. And then darn Pinterest took over my world, and now I dream in signs.

There is a sign for every room. In the dining room ~
Whether you come to eat or rest, when you enter our home may you feel blessed!

In the kitchen ~

In our room, hanging above the door~

above our bed~

In Ty's room~

I believe it's out of my love for words and writing, that this sign obsession took root and has now blossomed into a giant fruit tree, ripe for the picking.

If hearing funny, inspiring, personal or loving words, transports me to a specific spot or memory, how much better than to see the words on a sign. On our wall. On my boys wall. Above our bed. It's like seeing a wedding picture with the vows written around it, full of meaning and heart.

As we are living with my folks and saving some money, my mind often wanders to the decorating world of our future place, and visions of new signs occupy my creative spaces. Home Depot calls my name, and with wood planks and fresh, calm color paint {maybe a crazy orange or yellow thrown in}, I head home to eagerly let Bryan know about the twenty new signs I want to make.... lucky him!

Here are a couple signs I can't wait to replicate~

for the living room {we'll Pogue personalize it, and add our own traditions}
 Family rules

family rules

our bedroom~
My Hubby :)

In the kitchen ~

salmonella be damned.

In the boys' room~


The boys' bathroom~
love. hahaha!

My reading nook~
yep - it does happen sometimes

In our bathroom~
{a great reminder as I get ready for the day}

I'll keep you posted about which signs I actually do end up making later on :)

1 comment:

  1. Best sign I've ever seen is in the bathroom at Beach Pit BBQ :

    "Children left unattended will be given espresso and a free kitten."

    I love that one. :-)