For the love of a captured moment!

For those who you have been to my home, or have YET to be, you know full well that I'm obsessed with photos.

Family photos.

Baby photos.

Wedding photos.

Old photos.

You get the gist... anything that is a reminder of a moment, a look, a perfect day, is only meant to be taken, framed, and enjoyed for all the world to see.

I started a new afternoon tradition with the boys. After naps, we venture outside, spread a huge blanket on the grass, gather as many books as Tanner and I can hold {Ty typically squeezes the hardcover miniature of The Hungry Caterpillar tightly in his chubby hands} and we spend an hour sitting in the shade, reading and singing, and enjoying being outside. Just being.

It is amazing what sitting on the grass does for my soul. After a day of making meals, changing diapers,  napping one boy while trying to survive the other, attempting to be patient when Tanner looks at me and confidently declares, "No!", stealing hopscotch moments on Pinterest, returning phone calls, thinking of creative crafts, brainstorming Ty's first birthday... sitting outside is just what the mental doctor ordered.

Sitting on the huge blanket surrounded by my two boys, who are wrestling, fingering blades of grass, breaking out into spontaneous song or dance {that would be Tanner}, I take in so much more of life than if I'm hurrying around, driving to the next destination, attempting to

Enjoy some photos from recent afternoons on the blanket.
Just being
a family!

When I look at these photos, I don't just see my adorable sons. I see moments.

Reading a favorite book. For the zillionth time.

Giggling and tickling.

Ty attempting to wrestle me.

Moments that were made all because of a shady spot on the grass, a blanket, some books, and our family.

Now, if you'll excuse me, it's that time after naps that we venture outside to our blanket and reading destination.

Ty, is reaching for The Hungry Caterpillar, even now :)


  1. Love the idea! Who took the awesome pix? Now if only I didn't have big kids to carpool around!

  2. Thanks Jen! Bryan took the pictures and did an awesome job, if I may say so myself :)