My love obsession with Trader's

Trader Joe's.

I'm a huge fan. HUGE!

Not because the store is the perfect size to know one's way around. So perfect, that even my 3 year old knows the direction to focus his cart to find the Apple Carrot Crushers.

Or the fact that everything they make is de-lish.

Or because Tanner can't wait to get there and steer the kid's cart up and down the aisle {I apologize to those who have almost been run over, or had their toes munched!}A lollipop and stickers end his experience.

No, it's not the samples. Or all ten employees I know personally due to my frequent trips to the back for a delectable bite. And back for seconds :)

I love Trader's because they constantly have amazing foods to try. I've thought about spending a day by the register, eyeing everyones' carts and then inquiring about their favorite dishes.

"Ooh, what's that?"
"What kind of rice do eat that fish with?"
"Is that dessert life-changing?"

I'm sure people wouldn't think that's weird at all!

Here are some of our family faves. Food items that regular our Trader's cart {and Tanner's too}. And, others that are new to our taste buds:

As mentioned before, a daily staple in my boys stomachs are the Apple Carrot Crushers. Fruit and Veggies on the move. Enough said.

Continuing on the kid consumption topic, my boys also eat one of these yogurts daily:

They have them in strawberry and banana too. At their ages, I don't want them to eat non-fat yogurt, so it's the ideal protein snack. Yum!

Fruit Pear Sauce. Yep, pear sauce. De-lish!

I love their packaged yellow squash too. 3 or 4 is perfect at a time. I cut them in long, diagonal strips, serve with ranch, and wa-la... sword sticks!

Now for the adult pallet, not that you can't live on yogurt or crushers...

These Marinated Chicken Chipotle Skewers are always replaced by another in our freezer. Brush with a little olive oil, pop in the oven, and 20 minutes later, they go great on rice, with salad, endless possibilities.. a must have!

Gorgonzola Gnocchi ~ I add frozen peas {a sweet kick} and grilled italian chicken sausage {for the meat-lover in us} and it's one of our favorite meals. Salad and a glass of wine. Done!

Planning for caprese salad later this week, I grabbed a small tub of their marinated, fresh mozzarella balls ~ skew a long stick with a couple of these, intermittent with cherry tomatoes, and basil leaves, and caprese salad on a stick is served!

And, last but not least, some of our favorite dessert treats:

Truffle Brownie Mix ~ out of the oven, with a heaping scoop of their French Vanilla Ice Cream... heaven!

Chocolate Croissants~ breakfast, lunch, or dinner, they are always amazing. So good in fact, that a dear friend, that lived in France for a couple of years, said they were comprable to those at the French Bakery, she used to purchase!

And, please take a moment of silence for this fabulous hunk of love {no, it's not my hubby}...
the Pound of Milk Chocolate goodness!


Happy Trader Joe's- ing! Don't be surprised if you see me at the check-out counter, eyeing your cart. Please share your favorite item with me, and I'll kindly go away :)


  1. Bekah-
    Here are a few of mine!
    Thanks for sharing yours!

    Mushroom Risotto,r:8,s:0

    Chocolate Almond Horn Cookies,r:13,s:18

    Mediterranean Hummus,r:5,s:0

    Flourless Chocolate Walnut Cookies,r:8,s:0

    Pollo Asado Pizza,r:0,s:0

  2. Can't wait to try the skewers! Are they too spicy for kids? We love the tri-colored popsicles, their canned lemonade, frozen Garlic naan bread (makes them look forward to our main-dish salads), and the dark chocolate salted caramel candy bar. Amazing!

  3. love, you have solved my quandry as to what to make for dinner. :)
    i love...
    the yogurts and crushers as well for the kids (and the stickers and mini carts too!)
    they have a really good price on eggs, milk, oj and sour cream, so I generally stock up there. oh, and their price for chocolate chips is lower than anyone elses. that's important. :)
    i like
    the lasagna
    the chicken enchiladas
    the greek salad
    the pizza dough
    the cracked wheat sour dough bread
    the frozen tamales
    the ice cream is my favorite vanilla ice cream
    hmmm... i will have to let you know what else strikes my fancy when we are there!

  4. I love that you've inspired my wife to keep making yummy things for me!