Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium

Have you seen this movie?
Heard of it?
I hadn't, until  today.
Today. This wonderfully, winter-ish, gray, drizzly, movie-watching, afternoon, kind-of day!

Tanner found it, hiding in the back, and Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium entertained us for the next couple of hours, while I snuggled with Tanner, and Ty motored around, moving blocks from one side of the room, to the other.

I encourage you to rent it, or better yet, just buy it!
Magical, creative, and sprinkled with amazing life nuggets, {not to mention Jason Bateman, one of my faves, plays a key role in this movie.}

It was while attempting to keep Bruiser from chewing on the line of blocks Ty was assembling, when I heard this line. Grabbing the remote, I rewound {is that still what it's called?} and was struck by this conversation:

"Do you see sparkle?"


"Like something reflective of something bigger trying to get out!"

Like something REFLECTIVE of something BIGGER trying to get out! 

Right there, with the fire going, the rain dripping, the blocks being arranged, something in my guts flip-flopped. And it hit me~

I'm the sparkliest I've been in a while.

My heart beats faster as I write, echoing in agreement with my fingers.

I'm walking in the steps God paved before me, from the beginning, when He created all things, saw every individual, and specifically gifted each one of us in an unfathomably, special  way.

And my footprints match perfectly!

I'm doing what I was created to be.
Millions of creative bugs erupting inside, bursting to get out.

And it scares the heck out of me!

I fight it every day. Comparing myself to other who are better at it, have been doing it longer,  and I take a millimeter shift back.

A dear friend's encouragement chimes in my ear, "Do not be intimidated by other's success, but be inspired by it."


I continue.
A millimeter scoot forward.
Hour by hour.
Day by day.
I'm following who God made me to be.

It's a new season of hope.

Behind me is the season of questioning, attempting to fit a square peg in a round hole, re-reading the same pages.  Biting my lips and praying on my pillow, "Is this it?"

We've all been there. In a season of ~
A job we just do,
Marriage challenges
Child-rearing frustrations
A dry patch in our relationship with God
The mute button on our creativity remote.

But it's inside all of us. The small flutters we get when we are who we were made to be!

It may take some of us longer to find this gifting,
This groove. 
But when you know, you know.

If it's teaching, teach.
Writing, write.
Designing, design.
Parenting, parent.

But dangit, do it!
Give it everything you have.
Millimeter by millimeter.
Not that we are ever there. But we sure as heck, are farther than if we had never tried in the first place.

Recently, I re-pinned {thank you Pinterest} a sign saying,
'Whatever you do in your spare time, do that for the rest of your life.'

I understand that that may not be an option for all of us, but it's what's behind the passion of what you do in your spare time.

It's probably seamless.
With passion.
A perfect fit.


A reflection of who God made you to be!

I'm wearing sparkle these days.
And I have no plans of taking it off.

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  1. This is so uplifting and encouraging and totally made my day! Thank you Bekah!!!