Thankful List

It's almost Thanksgiving!

Aside from the anticipation of spending Thursday with family, holding our newest, sweet nephew, Wyatt, eating too many rich foods, and intentionally just being, 
we pause to reflect, 
and be thankful.

Everyone in our family is extremely grateful, not only this week, but in this season.

Tanner is thankful for...

Any opportunity to laugh {hence, the sticky foam shapes he decorated himself with}


His Pre-School friends. He prays for them every night. 
By name. 

Ty is thankful for ~

His new~found obsession with apples!

An older brother that sneaks him bites of ice cream!

 New friends. There's that darn apple, again! At least he's sharing!

Bryan is thankful for~

The ability to love!

 The opportunity to serve!

The responsibility to lead.

The heart to make it fun!

I am thankful for~
 A life full of daily adventures!

 New fingers and toes, and coos and smiles that joined our family in the form of our nephew, Wyatt!

 Gooey desserts!

 Watching my boys sleep. And dream. And become who God created them to be.
{Picture of Ty sleeping is not available, due to the wrath that would have ensued, had I attempted flash photography :)}

What is on your Thankful list?


  1. Ty's hair is lightening up. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Glad that the 4 of you are doing well.

  2. What in the world is Ty sitting next to like it's no big deal that there is a HUGE HOG right by him???? I love this post! ... and that picture is killing me.:)