Ty & Tapas!

Our littlest man, Ty Christian, turned the big O-N-E on October 13th!

So, we threw him a party!

Okay, we threw the adults a party, and the kids had fun too!

The idea of doing an afternoon fiesta with Tapas came to me months before, so I ran with it... I thought it was a unique take on a One-Year-Old Birthday Party, until BOTH our grandmas called asking who 'Tapas' was! Ha!

So, as I kindly explained, Tapas are:

Party comers were welcomed at the front door with the Tie and Tapas theme

And into the backyard~

I created a lamp/ tie mobile displaying pictures of Ty, from birth to 12 months. The idea came to me when I found a lamp skeleton at The Brick Basement in Fullerton. I knotted ties from the top, pinned pictures of Ty on each tie, and hung it by twine. Voi~ la!

Tapas are typically served with beer, wine, and homemade Sangria~
tie wine markers were available for the wine drinkers!

Paella is a truly authentic Spanish dish, and my mom-in-law {aka Martha Stewart} made this uh-mazing paella dish~

To display the food table, Bryan sanded down the top of our old kitchen table, and painted it with chalkboard paint. I simply wrote each food item directly on the table~

The menu consisted of cheese, crackers, fresh fruits, bread for olive oil and balsamic dips, stuffed olives, meatballs, dried fruits and nuts, orzo pasta salad, baked brie, and dried apricots/dates wrapped in prosciutto!

The kid food table offered p.b.&j. triangles, fruit kabobs, goldfish and string cheese

A wooden wine crate held Crushers and juice ~

The kiddos played 'Pin the Tie on Ty'~
We ordered a Costco poster of Ty, made white, cardstock ties, and each kiddo wrote their name on the tie, and decorated with stickers, foam shapes, and crayons.

Kids swung ...

And rode!

Family and life~long friends came to celebrate sweet Ty!

And then came time for dessert....
The sign in the background says, 'Eat Dessert First'

Here it comes... molten lava cake!

He was more excited about the whipped cream on top~ this can not be my son. He HAS to like chocolate :)

I love his faces~ his famous "bulldog" face with his scrunched nose!

At least he tried a little... :)

My mom made her UH-MAZING Black Bottom Cupcakes

And my Aunt Cathi baked her fabulous Snickerdoodles!!
{both recipes for a later post}

All in all, Ty's Tapas Birthday Party was a blast! Even Bruiser had fun! 

Cheers/ Salud!

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  1. Wish we could have been there! You did a great job on everything! So cute!