Stepping out in faith!

Praying, pondering, and listening for the right time. That's been the last few months, maybe even years for me.

How can I best use my creative outlet? 

What exactly is my creative focus when I love so many things?
Decorating, event-planning, making handmade cards, vintage/antique hunting, baking...

Amongst all the oober-creative, Etsy-folk out there, what is my unique contribution?

Let's just call it a spark, a glittery light-bulb moment that was conceived almost a decade ago and has continued to reflect and shine and resurface to what I am drawn toward...
Finding antique, one-of-a-kind windows and personalizing them with baby names, quotes, inspiring words, and wedding details.

And so the idea was born, and stepping out in faith I go!

Join me on my journey as I merge my writing passion and the start-up of my custom antique window business into one: The Inspired Window.

The new website will be coming soon, so please continue checking back, and in the meantime, enjoy a sneak peek of:

The Inspired Window ~ Seeing creativity in the everyday life and home

What window will you choose, and how can I personalize it for your home?
I'll be taking orders soon!
Have a beautiful day and remember,
Be Intentional!

~ Bekah


  1. Best wishes! I am so excited to see your work, and imagining what I would want mine to say!!

  2. I LOVE THIS!!!!!! So creative, so beautiful!! I can't wait to order one... what will it say?? I'm going to start thing about it now. Yay Bekah!!

  3. love the windows! i can't wait to order one for our home:)