Feeling the love!


Since sharing the fun news about The Inspired Window, my custom antique window shop, the tidal wave of encouraging words and affirmation have been rolling in. Thank you!

Nothing spurs my vision more than knowing others are excited with me. Already, 5 windows have sold, while a handful of others cheer Reserved, as clients ponder the perfect quote to add to their window pane. Yay!

Thank you for believing in The Inspired Window! Already, I've loved hearing the stories about why you chose a specific quote, and how your window will be displayed.

A bible verse reminding parents of God's promise will proudly watch over a little boy sleeping in his nursery.

Celebratory words will adorn a cabin's walls, that's rooms, no doubt, protect daily ministry.

What story will your window share?

I'm eager to be a part of it!

While my new website is in the creating stage {both blog and shop}, feel free to stop by the Facebook Shop:

And, thank you again! I'm feeling the love!

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