My second home

It's come to my attention, that I haven't shared about my second home.

Second home, you ask?

Um, er, yes. 

Eyes downcast, avoiding your quizzical, questioning head-tilt, my hands fumble in embarrassment.

Really, I hate to brag, but my second home...well...

It's really big!
I mean, huge!
You could probably park one hundred cars in the driveway.
The doors are usually always open, with tons of people coming and going {which makes my heart happy}
And even though I'm there quite often, I eye something new every time.

The pantry is stocked with every snack imaginable
And I'm digging some of the home decor lovelies.
Did I mention the square footage?

Although, the neon lights overhead could use some updating, and the doors in the bathroom... not a fan!
Come to think of it, the freezer isn't stocked with a stellar ice cream selection, but, again, it's a second home, and let's not be too picky!
And, no, I'm not sure what modern agenda I'm chasing with the ghastly, overgrown red gumballs out front.
Cleaning it? Forget it!

What's that?
You'd like to see a picture of my second home?

Sure thing...
Fumble, fumble, work up the courage to now look you in the eye, as I tap, tap, and hand you my phone.
Here it is... my second home:

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