How to create a Succulent Wall

Countless summer hours have been focused on our yard ~  dreaming, envisioning, and creating outdoor art.

We chose the left back wall, near the patio dining table, where hundreds of meals, mid-morning snacks, and barbeques are celebrated.  A simple reminder to bring creativity to the outdoors, and stir simplistic beauty.

Allow me to introduce a labor of love, our succulent wall:

Months in the making, this vertical succulent frame hints at artistic outdoor design!

To create a succulent wall, we first collected an assortment of succulence, varying colors and sizes. I'm in awe of how many of these drought-resistant plants exist, my favorite being the reddish green beauties resembling rosebuds!

Breaking them apart, and allowing them to "callous", they sat for weeks before joining one another in their dirt frame.

We sprayed a traditional frame Antique White, encouraging the future "weathering" outdoor elements and time will bring. Any size frame can be used for this project.

Bryan built a shadow box, about 4 inches deep, and added a redwood backing.


A mesh wire was reinforced to keep the soil in.

Our sun-loving boys enjoy helping us with outdoor projects, especially those involving dirt.
Here, they added soil to the framed box, while we leveled it flat to the mesh wire.

Once the succulent plants had "calloused" and were ready for planting, we positioned them in the wire mesh holes, allowing space between them for future growth.

3 weeks our succulent wall sat, long enough for the plants to root...

And then came the day, for it to join the outdoor art wall!

Taking center stage between hung wine crates and wire baskets, the succulent wall adds the perfect touch of nature.

I simply love how it turned out!

 What outdoor projects have you been working on?

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