I should be packing for a morning flight, destined to see Heather, my college room-mate and life-time friend, for the next blissful three days.

Instead, I'm graciously licking the salty cream from the side of this:

and soaking up the stillness of a home where two boys are tucked dreaming, a quiet "thump" of the dryer still moans camp loads four days after, and Jiminy's play their melodic outdoor tune.

Bryan is at Balboa, bonfiring and smoring with Middle School Students, worshiping and celebrating a God-gift summer, a summer blanketed with layered relationships and eyes open to more of Him.


All summer, this simple word whispers to my soul, day after day, by His truly!


In the midst of a full summer brimming with church responsibilities, jobs, entertaining two monkeys, Hume, bar-b-ques, VBS, starting a business, writing, praying, seeking, learning, enjoying family time, and celebrating new lives
rest is on breezy repeat, subtle and unweighted.


I struggle with the false idea of this word, these four little letters that can be misunderstood as a pass to be lazy or unproductive.

Last month's Everyday Parent, a monthly article I write for TRU, was focused on parenting out of our comfort zone. Ironically, the word that refused to leave my fingers as I wrote was rest. Simmering, listening, questioning... why God, why rest?

Scenes mirage in front of me:

Tanner and Ty squatting down to gaze at tadpoles turned frogs.

Sand in my car, echos of child-play.

Our family gathered, table piled with savory and sweet, laughter seasoning and sugaring the hours together.

Middle School Students, eyes closed, hands raised, unaware of peers in the chair over, worshipping their Creator.

Then loud mirages, not warm and wavy, but sharp and focused:

My hurried heartbeat of a to-do list.

A nagging ring of the Enemy's lies, taunting what I lack.

Places I need to be, friends I must reach out to, money I should be making...

Do you know this hurried heartbeat?

It's the absence of rest.

As a parent, it feels uncomfortable to rest when so much begs to be accomplished.

God does not want us to turn our backs to responsibility, but calm our spirits in His.

He longs to transform our hurried heartbeats into trusting prayers.
Enemy lies into redemptive truth.
Obligations into opportune blessings.

Spiritual rest is what He desires for us.

Jeremiah 6:16 Thus says the LORD:”Stand by the roads, and look, and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is; and walk in it, and find rest for your souls..."

Slowly I'm learning this dance of rest.
How to position my heart and mind and being on Him, when carpools and crying and "more crackers" pop my last energy bubble. The day's event may not change, the boys won't magically sit still, and life doesn't slow, but if I exchange worry and exhaustion for his peace and soul respite, my focus shifts dramatically!

Perhaps it truly is as simple as spelled ~
So rest.

Rest in God's Truths, His perfect plan, His east-is-from-the-west-forgiveness, and unconditional sacrificial love.

Rest because our days will not slow down, but our reliance on His grace will sustain.
Rest because he is the author of your child's boundless personality and unspoken dreams.
Rest because he knows the heart of the person staring back at you in the mirror, more than you do!

Rest because whatever this moment of this day offers, He longs to meet you here.

Rest, my friends, rest.

And, do yourselves a favor and grab some of that salty ice cream... it will make your day that much sweeter!

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