A slice of Sunriver, Oregon heaven!

Vacationing with my hubby's side of the family is in full swing!

At the age of 4, Bry's memories began, their family of 6 piled into the Volkswagon Bus, sans air conditioning, Beach Boys blaring, the 14-hour road-trip en route to Sunriver, Oregon for a week of pure bliss. And now the family has grown to 3 daughter-in-laws, 6 grandkids, and a partridge in a pear-tree in the form of 3 suedo granddogs! We come from Encinitas, San Dimas, Carlsbad, Rancho Santa Margarita, and Huntington Beach by car and plane.

Every other summer, we anticipate this time, packing sweaters for the chilly evenings, and plenty of sunscreen for swimming, river-floating, and biking. Surprises await the cousins in coloring books, and glow sticks for the epic tradition of after-dark dance parties, the youngin's coming down from their sugar highs, and full, played-out days.

Seven days of endless bike paths, floating down the Deschutes River, enjoying home-made dinners on the porch,walking into the Village to enjoy Goody's flavor of the day {waffle cone, please}, savoring sweet family moments and holding them close until two summers from now, when the family returns to this slice of heaven in Sunriver, Oregon.

And heaven it is!

Settling into our condo, each family is greeted by the thoughtful assurance of mom and dad: fresh ground coffee for the morning's brew, creamer in the fridge, bananas and oatmeal, wipes and diapers for the babes. Extra, small notions that grow my heart.

It's going to be a special week!

The morning sun stares through the skylight and cheers us out of bed, beckoning us outside amongst the pine trees, shining river, his rays illuminating the bike paths and sprinkling of flowers.

Oh, the flowers!

Queen Ann's Lace scatters among the river brush, their cream faces lifted, reflecting glory to their Creator. Baseball size wish flowers, and lavender, furry-orbed puffs. Neon magenta petals push their way above the reeds, mini joy explosions of beauty. I can't process it fast enough. His Glory is manifested all around.

In the trees, vibrant hues on every leaf. Green, a thousand shades, underfoot to high above. He spared no expense when creating Sunriver!

As always, we start the first morning with the traditional bike loop, pausing near the local airport, model airplanes sputtering down the runway and barely breathing as they float horizontally above the ground. Tanner and Ty pop their curls out of the bike trailer to watch, their eyes still, the four of us squinting in the sun. Magic moments, these are! Built upon one another, they create a mountain of memories.

We bike further down the path, and approach Sunriver Stables, a barn welcoming horse-rides. Tanner debuted his first pony-ride on our last trip, at age 2. "Blueberry" was the appointed pony and walked an unsure toddler around the ring. Fast-forward to the present, our oldest now four, and Ty where Tanner was then, with all the confidence his spirit can contain. Amazing how two years grows us~ it promises stronger determination and more steady footing. Looking at my oldest, I see former fear replaced with excitement at the opportune, an eagerness to try. And my heart grows.

Comfortable afternoon hours settle into reading on the porch, Ty napping in the corner room. Cousins shoot their dart guns, others walk to the Village Country Store for fresh peaches and milk. Rondi and mom prepare dinner while baby Wyatt crawls on the white sheet, it's soft cotton hugging the grass lawn. Dad and Kristy play Ladderball and I sip a glass of wine, the most reverent act one can do while sitting on a porch.

Dinner is ready, and we gather inside to hold hands and thank the Lord for this food, this family, this place, where for one week of our busting-at-the-seams summer, we fly or drive to be together, and enjoy a slice of Sunriver heaven!

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