Perfume Dilemma!

Around the time Bryan and I got married, I discovered this heaven-sent, gardenia-ish, nectar-of-a-potion.
Kate Spade fondly called her Beauty.
I called her {in a sing-songy voice} life-changing!

When I wore this perfume, something magical took over!
Doors opened, people threw money at me, I received numerous proposals even though I was now a married woman!
See! Magic!
But I did smell really, really good. 
Like heaven powdered in gardenia dust!

And then, last year I spritzed my last Beauty spray. Suddenly the delicate genie bottle was empty, so I took a mental note.  
Buy more magic gardenia juice.

And the next time I was in Nordstrom, I casually sauntered up to the lady at the glass counter, hundreds of tiny glass bottles staring back at me, sizing me up, wondering which group I belonged to.

There were the uniformed band members, perfectly-lined perfume bottles, bold words across their chests, the one in front sporting a silver band on his cap.

There was the hippie crowd. Colorful, artistic designs molding their distinct shapes. Musk aromas floated from this off-to-the-side group.

Then the studious, Ivy-League bound perfumes. Crisp, a bit arrogant, a pretty penny for liquid gold. I'm worth it they sighed, looking down their elongated glass noses at me.

Where was my group?
Eyes darting, I'm looking everywhere for Beauty
Kate, where are your peeps?

I'm not sure if the perfume associate didn't hear me at first, or couldn't stop staring at my age spot laden forehead, intently trying to honor Nordstrom's reputable customer service policy, despite her instinct to grab my hand and march me over to anyone in the cosmetic department that could fix my sun damaged situation STAT...
when suddenly I realized she had heard me, and was waiting for my reply to the fact that NO, Kate Spade no longer birthed the magic Beauty potion!
Then it was my turn to stare at her~ her flawless, glowy, un-spotted face.

My mouth went dry. The counter started to tilt. Band members, hippies, and smarty-pant bottles circled above.

Okay, I didn't pass out. 
Maybe an over-exaggerated hands-clenched-to-my-mouth gasp, but I maintained professionalism despite my whirring thoughts.

How can this be? Kate knows better!

This perfume has journeyed my entire marriage thus far. 
Through moves, job changes, managing winery events, baking bazillions of brownies for youth leaders, playing with our first dog then our second, painting walls, celebrating pregnancies, walking on the beach holding hands~ my husband on one side and my boys on the other. 
This perfume has witnessed every aspect of my greater life, and now...
it's GONE?!!!!!

Now, I'm not a sentimental person.... just ask my husband {the good thing is that he is!}
I didn't save my macaroni art project from the 3rd grade, or my first Bible.
The boys' first haircut is not protected in a tiny clear bag. Nor will their teeth be.
I can bag clothes to Goodwill, and sell to garage sales without batting an eyelash.

But traditions... well, don't get me started. I live for traditions. Really, any reason to celebrate will happily become a tradition if you're with me. 
You just got a new job? Congratulations. Mark this day on my calendar and we'll celebrate every year with brownie sundaes.
It's Friday? Well, come over to our place for make-your-own-pizza night!
Christmas is coming? You bet your bottom dollar we're heading to Mana's for the annual cookie baking day!

Traditions... I grin just thinking of them.

But for some reason, this darn Beauty perfume had me all sentimental-y! 

So, I did what any respectable, mature woman would do.

I drove him, sat on the couch and mourned the loss of a magical era.
Just sat there, my eyes crazy-like, the world spotted in sadness.
My boys lost their mother that day- they were neither dressed nor fed. 
They had to chase down the neighborhood ice cream truck for a chance at nourishment. 
My husband came home to an empty kitchen table, his wife bedraggled, the kids, now at the neighbor's begging for bread. 
A tragic day at the Pogue Cottage!

But, enough was enough. None of this sentimental nonsense. It's just perfume! My goodness!
The next day I rose, put on my big girl panties, and have been on a search for the perfect perfume ever since...

and last week I found it!
Not Beauty's replacement, but a more sophisticated version of her modern self. 

Allow me to introduce the newest love {aside from my still fabulous hubby}:

Tocca Florence

She's amazing. 
And yes, she too is magical! No proposals yet, but it's barely been a week!

My life can now go on...

However, if, you happen to come across a secret stash of Kate Spade's Beauty, be a darling and email me, or better yet, show up on my doorstep with a bottle. I will pay you back in weekly brownie deliveries for life. Yes, I'm serious!

And no, that's not being sentimental in the least!

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