Wise tidbits

Fall is creeping in.
I can feel it.
Today the sky wore gray, dew hung in the air- taunting the ground and heavens, not sure which direction to go. It was a nice change, a respite from weeks drenched in heat, where afternoon comfort came only from the front and back screens open wide, the wind lapping our home, cooling the static air, allowing us to breathe easier.

Perhaps it was the appropriate weather for a pumpkin latte that had me cheery, or the fact that I put on a sweater for the first time in I-can't-remember-how-long. No, today was all-around great because of the company!
Because of Pam.

Pam is a way better version of myself in the future.
Comfortable in her skin.
A calm, confident faith.
With kids who are grown, a husband who adores her, a family that enjoys being together.
She's incredible.
For so many reasons.

Take, for example
the way she naturally includes Tanner in conversation, sitting ground level to play "Ninjas",
how she snuggles Ty and kisses his chubby cheeks, squeals erupting in pleas for "more",
the way she listens with her whole being,
and claims God's perfect plan, even when life is splattered with question marks.

I hung on her words, gleaning wise tidbits... and they came, not as a river, but sprinkled simply and naturally, in purpose and encouragement.

You'll never regret a day you sat in your pj's, playing Lego's with your kids.
Play with them. Play with them.

It's not about the couch pillows, or funky home accessories, it's not about the overstuffed chair and sassy orange blanket, it's the people in the house that matter.
Be with them. Be with them.

When they are older, you can tell your kids what decisions to make, or you can encourage them to seek God with everything in them.
Point them toward Him. Point them toward Him.

Surround yourself with friends that are life-giving and safe.
Be a question-asker. Be a question-asker.

Listen to your gut, and don't be afraid to make changes.
Life is short. Life is short.

Cook good food and even better desserts!
Savor every bite. Savor every bite.

Continue family traditions even after the kids have moved out. They'll come back and introduce others to the memories you are creating.
Be intentional. Be intentional.

It's always easier to leave young kids at home and run errands. Take them with you and invite them into the everyday adventures of counting apples and reading labels.
Make learning fun. Make learning fun.

Be honest with your children and ask their opinions. You will learn from them.
It goes both ways. It goes both ways.

Consistency speaks volumes in faith, marriage, parenting, serving, and friendships.
Stick with it. Stick with it.

Wise tidbits in today's conversation and company.
Thank you Pam, for simply being you.
Thank you gray day.
Thank you Fall...creeping in.


  1. You are adorable... thank you for being such a bright light and for shining so brightly that other cant help but see Jesus. What a sweet post.. I am touched and encouraged by it.. love you.. cant wait for our next ninja date.. xoox