Join the newest member of our family!

A new addition joined our family last week. No, we did not adopt a baby {although Ty would L.O.V.E. that}. 
Bruiser did not get his early Christmas wish for a "special female friend" {been there, done that}. 

Nope, this addition completely blindsided us. There we were enjoying chips and margaritas with Bryan's parents when the topic of cars came up. 

We are planning on getting a bigger car, they shared. Something with three seats.
Would you guys want the Murano?

Bryan and I exchanged stares, unsure if this was the ideal time to purchase a car from his parents. 

We want to give it to you, they shrugged nonchalantly.
I'm sorry... what?, we leaned in, not trusting our own ears.

Yes, we want to give it to you!


Thus, this sassy sunset of a car joined our family last week.

Humbled? Beyond!
Humbled at the enormity of this gift. It's sheer value and size and meaning is beyond our scope of understanding. 
My activator side pushes me to take action. How do we express our gratitude? Do we send twelve handmade Thank You's a week, or bake them brownies for life? I know! Perhaps we could clean their toilets to express my appreciation. Maybe we'll take our family Christmas picture standing next to the new ride with a giant sign that says We don't deserve this!  

Because we don't deserve it!

And perhaps that's what makes this gift-receiving thing so humbling and uncomfortable. It's out-of-our-grasp BIG, and all we can say is thank you.

Thank you regardless of what we do; how we parent, how we succeed, or how we fail. This car is a reflection of nothing we've earned.  Thank you for displaying a gift in its truest form; a no-strings-attached gift!
I'm shuffling, slowly learning the simple posture of accepting a gift, of leaning into gratitude, true thankfulness, and it is breathtakingly beautiful; like hearing a baby's first giggle or falling in love. 

Accepting a gift wholeheartedly; it's a feeling that costs nothing but changes everything!

It reminds me of my humanness; my desire for connection and others and sunsets and laughter. It awakens a desire to hug the sun rays and bottle my boys impromptu kisses. 

Our family is in a gift accepting season~ some physical, others soul-related. The puzzle snowflakes have been making their way to ground for years; some shifting in uncertain winds while others, the strong flakes, the God-directed diamond dust settles, detailed corners combine with a million other crystals and blanket our family's HOPE puzzle, sprinkling it with wonder.

I lay back, my head soft on the crystal snow, and drink in the acceptance of these gifts.

What about you ~ Have you ever received a bigger-than-life gift? 
As we head into a season surrounded by gift-giving, twine and tags, how do you practice the art of acceptance? 


  1. Bekah,
    That was wonderful! A directive and encouragement to gaze into the Savior's gifts to us more closely and like you said...receive them. What a brave practice! I know we only visited a few short times at the playground across from Jen Johnson's house but thank you for sharing. Bunnie Gerber

  2. Hi Bunnie, thank you for your kind words. I've never thought of gratefulness as brave before, but I'm sitting in that, and I rather like it! So, we'll be brave together! Hugs to your neighbors :) xo