Welcome to our Cottage Christmas!

This year, it's a Cottage Christmas, and I love how it turned out ~ simple with a touch of coastal chic!

As you walk to the front door, this weathered black chair greets you,
 a cheery poinsettia resting in its lap.

To the right of the front door sits a huge black trunk...

I've had this piece of furniture since we've been married and it's moved from room to room and for the last year has sat lonely in the garage. I resurrected it, filled it with Christmas flowers and cuttings from our tree and lined the inside with burlap... so happy with how it turned out!

Once Christmas is over, I have some grand plans for this trunk...

Above our mailbox hangs a crystal twig wreath with a silver ornament 
declaring JOY to all who visit.

And here he is... our cute tree. Adorned with burlap ribbon and silver balls!

And a coastal take on the common tree topper: a "star"fish.

Silver and wood frames overlap. {You'll learn that I'm obsessed with overlapping frames}

At the bottom of the tree, a vintage wood box overflows with classic Christmas stories and our children's Christmas books. The boys love "reading" them on the floor and memorizing the pictures. I'll share some of our favorite Christmas reads in a later post. 
One can never have enough books :)

Our house is without a fireplace, but do not fret, I created a faux "mantle" using two book shelves from Ikea and hung them side-by-side over the kitchen entryway. 
With lighted garland, Merry Christmas, and stockings hung on the side... it works just as well!

And of course, festive pillows complete our comfy couch!

The red one was a gift from my aunt and came from Crate & Barrel. It makes me happy!

Whimsy felt coasters rest on the side table. 
When a mug of Candy Cane Tea isn't perched on one of these coasters, chances are my boys and their friends are taking the snowflakes out and making it "snow."

To complete our "mantle" look, I made burlap stockings for my hubby and me.
To create, I overlapped burlap, drew a stocking, cut out two pieces and sewed them together making giant stitches with bakers twine. Fun, right?

Bryan designed the JOY to the World {along with some other amazing designs} for a holiday boutique we did this past weekend. We sold the other pieces, and I'm tempted to keep this one. 
I love it!

A hanging sled showcases Christmas cards we receive from friends... 
{you can tell who the overachievers are  :)}

My favorite aspect about decorating for holidays {or in general} 
is adding your own personal, creative flair. 
Here, I took a large Ball jar, filled it with burlap, and added polka-dot jingle bells.
What creative Christmas decor makes your home unique?

Most importantly, the focus of this Christmas season: our Savior born a baby, to later die on a cross  so we can spend eternity with Him. 
May we cling to our Redeemer during this priceless December 
and each month after.

Merry Cottage Christmas!


  1. i love that pillow! mom and i picked it out together! so fun! i love to see what do you around the house! it's so funny how similar we are!

  2. I love, love, LOVE it all!!!!! You are incredible!

  3. Ohmy! I love your style! You are so creative. I need to get on my decorating ASAP.