GIVEAWAY~ Premium Hair Ties!!!

I'm not much of a girly-girl!

I rarely wear pink ~ in fact on the seldom occasion that I do, my oldest comments, comparing me to his Pre-School crush, who always wears pink!
Hmmm...perhaps I should re-think this pink-wearin' thang! I want him to have a crush on me!

But I do love a fab accessory!

Currently, these are my favorite accessories: HAIR TIES!!
Shiny, feminine, don't-kink-my-crazy-curls HAIR TIES!

Which is why I'm excited to share Today's Giveaway:

Annie, owner of Hair Tied
is giving away
Can you handle the cute black sparkly one? They are all so fun!

{Colors are chartreuse, plum, gray, black sparkle, aqua, magenta, black, zebra}

What I most love about Hair Tied {visit her website here} is that she gives 10% of all sales to Operation Smile. See why on her personal blog here

Not only does Hair Tied carry standard colors, but fun patterns and sparkly ones too! Yes please!

Owner/founder of Hair Tied, Annie is a friend I met through my sister-in-law. We share the commonality of having youth pastor hubbies and sons, but her level of rock-stardom is beyond my scope. She is welcoming her 4th boy to their family soon! Annie is creative, has the most beautiful smile, and an enormous heart for Jesus. Her joy is contagious, and I whole-heartedly cheer on her amazing business venture!

Because I'm the hugest fan, I thought I'd invite you into our bathroom to take a gander at my go-to, easy-grab necessity basket. 
Do you spy the jar of hair ties? 
Between my Hair Tied hair ties and headbands, I've got every color covered! 
See? Obsessed! 
My friends see me wearing the teal or coral ones daily.

This antique jar holds my many Hair Tied gems, and the lid ensures my energetic monkeys don't use them to slingshot Spiderman off the couch!

Here I am sporting my absolute favorite Hair Tied accessory~ a coral headband! 
{I roped Tanner into this picture, as I am not a fan of self-portraits}

To win this fabulous Hair Tied Giveaway, please share your favorite family tradition and your name on my blog under Comments. Entries are due by midnight on Friday, September 21st. The winner will be announced on the blog a couple of days later. Check back to see if it's YOU!

Peruse Hair Tied here and buy some for yourself; and while you're at it, grab some extras~ they make great gifts!
And, check out Annie's personal blog: montgomery party of five . While you're at it, send encouraging words her way. Starting a business is hard, and she's rockin' it!

Now, if you'll excuse me... I need to go shop for some pink to add to my wardrobe!


  1. when I think of traditions I'm drawn to all things Christmas in the McIntyre household. My favorite memory is that I always got to open one present on Christmas eve and depending on the year it was either new Jamie Jews (pjs) or Slipper (hand knitted by mom).
    -Corrine McIntyre Smith

  2. My favorite family tradition comes from my husband's family. We love to celebrate birthdays (never on time, but always with love!). Each time we gather for a family member's birthday, we each pray for the birthday guy or gal. It's a prayer of thanksgiving for who they are and a prayer of blessing for their future. I treasure this time and the opportunity to thank God for the amazing family I married into!

  3. First of all! Adorable picture of you and your boy! Love! Dying to know who his crush is...Kenzie?

    Now my favorite family tradition is being woken up before the sun on your birthday with cake, presents, birthday songs (English and Swedish) and eating cake for breakfast. Then dad would take you out to "2nd" breakfast (after cake breakfast) to any place you wanted to go. Poor dad had more McDonald's breakfast between my brothers and I then he cares to remember. I love seeing this passed on to my kiddos! There are always awful birthday morning pictures that you love to hate (and as a teen you start to going to bed on birthday eve with a brush and lip gloss next to your bed...not vain at all!) and as a kid it was so hard to go to bed the night before your birthday because celebrations started as soon as you woke up!

    I LOVE BIRTHDAYS! (and winning things!)

  4. oh my goodness. i LOVE those hair ties. my hair needs them. for reals. cause it's always in a ponytail anymore and it could at least look cute, right? ;)

    my favorite family tradition is at christmas time. rather than putting baby jesus in the nativity scene in december, we hide him away. then on christmas morning, the first thing the kids do is go look for him. (not that they're older, it will be a scavenger hunt this year :) when we find him, we put him in the manger and talk about the real meaning of christmas, sing happy birthday and a (kid-chosen) christmas song. i love that it starts out our christmas morning with jesus instead of gifts (which we do, just afterwards :) i grew up doing it, and i love that our kids think it's special and fun, too!

    you are rad.

  5. I really like those hair ties too! What fun colors.

    Since Raegan is so young we haven't started many family traditions but I am excited to start some and decide on what we want to do as a family :) One thing I love and want to carry on from my childhood is an advent calendar. We would get little surprises each day leading up to Christmas and my mom would do little riddles each day and we had to go look for the surprise throughout the house. It was super fun!


  6. So cute! You always have the best stuff!
    My favorite tradition is Josh and I getting our house ready for fall. We pull out our decorations, buy some pumpkins and find some fall foliage. We light a candle in our favorite fall scent (Autumn Wreath from Yankee) and eat soup, salad and a good crusty bread. It totally takes me back to our first apartment the first fall we were married. Love it.

    Lyndsey Coya

  7. Love your posts, Bekah!

    I also wear my hair in a pony tail all too often (and it doesn't even fit!) so having these ADORABLE hair ties is a great idea for me!

    My favorite family tradition is something that we have been doing ever since I can remember at Christmas. My mom, Nana (grandma), Aunt Linda and I get together for a full day of baking cookies we creatively deemed "Cookie Day." We bake way too many Christmas cookies, tasting them all along the way, so many that we don't want to eat another one for the rest of the season. This works out just fine, as a plate of these cookies makes a great gift for a neighbor, or to bring out for dessert for your guests. My favorite memories of cookie day include: making fun of Papa's way of frosting the Christmas-shaped sugar cookies (a black wreath, a green santa claus, etc), Aunt Linda ruining the fudge every year (she's not much of a baker), and of course all the jokes surrounding "titty" cookies (also known as "peanut butter blossoms") and "balls" (cookie dough balls, of course.) These last few years I have really tried to take it all in, as my Nana is getting up there in age and I know that before I know it, Cookie Day will have a completely different dynamic.


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