I'd rather...Sometimes!

I'd rather

I'd rather see a musical, than a movie
Read a book, than scrapbook
Create a gift, rather than buy one

I'd rather drink tea lattes, than coffee
Ride a bike, than drive
Take a hip-hop class, rather than yoga

I'd rather

I'd rather soak up the salt air, than breathe mountain sky
Drink a margarita, than a martini
Take in the sights of Spain's cafe-lined streets, rather than New York's Time Square

But sometimes...

The dryer-sheet dreams become crunchy realities


I yell at my kids, rather than pray for patience
Use biting words, rather than bite my tongue
Covet bigger and dazzlier, rather than claim contentment

I'd rather

I'd rather have laugh lines, than flawless skin
Be rich in family, than house-poor
Try new desserts, rather than eat the same sweets

I'd rather have hard conversations with dear friends, than never go deep at all
Love my guts out, than cacoon my heart in
Wear my heart on my sleeve, rather than keep others guessing how I truly feel

Sometimes ...

I am intimidated by other's success, rather than feel inspired
Focus more on the 10% of marriage ick, rather than the 90% of marriage fab
Analyze situations to death, rather than enjoy life as it comes

Sometimes ...

I wish I walked in other's shoes, rather than write my own story
Worry about tomorrow, rather than claim God's promises
Scold myself for not doing enough, rather than congratulate myself on doing just right

I'd rather

I'd rather take risks, than be complacent in the wrong fit
Pray for trials to trust God more, than have an "easy" life
Lean more to the side of asking questions, rather than making statements

I remind myself that the millions of
I'd rather
stirred with
thousands of
create a beautiful picture of my

And it makes me extremely grateful for dryer-sheet dreams and crunchy realities!


  1. What in the world?? Did you write this?? It's SO good Bekah!!! You are a very gifted writer friend!!!

  2. Sarah, you crack me up! Thank you! Thank you! You have a gift for words too, my friend. And an even huger heart!